Our Passion and Mission

The role of our company and its activities are centered on improving the quality of life for the residents of Buffalo first and in turn have a positive effect on the whole Earth. We accomplish this by the use of less destructive, state of the art, quiet and clean all electric lawn equipment, gentle procedures, material reuse, and intelligent, creative water use and redirection methods. We will make The GreenerWe an example of sustainable, resilient, and resourceful land care that property owners can be confident and comfortable with the purposes of improving their property’s value.


GreenerWe Mission Statement


The Dilemma

By nature, Lawn care and Landscaping practice is centered on using naturally occurring ingredients from the planet’s resources in an effort to create pleasing surroundings for our properties and our day to day life. However, the separation of the activities employed to achieve these desired appearances and their effects on our ecological system has created some problems. Will our zeal for a manicured lawn and beautiful gardens surrounding our home play a part in the destruction of those very resources we are using to improve our home life? The plants that make up the majority of our personal home environments are in jeopardy from the changes being inflicted on our ecological systems that result from poorly thought out procedures used for easing our existence. Clean air and water are the essential ingredient not only for the healthy lives of these plants, but for ourselves as well. Air pollution has caused increasing temperatures and water shortages the world over. Together, a change can begin to make a difference. 


What can We do?

Examining some widely accepted observations from authorities on this subject should help direct us to some conclusions that can be in turn used for the purposes of taking action. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) climate change is real and humans are contributing to it. They list the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as being in agreement with their conclusions. These are some pretty heavy hitters in the arena of evaluating our fair planet. In 2010 The National Research Council stated that, “climate change is occurring and is very likely caused by humans, and poses a significant risk for a broad range of human and natural systems.”

As we put forth earlier, The GreenerWe is determined to provide an affordable action for you the educated consumer to choose as a step towards our united effort to make a difference. While we do not put forth that lawn equipment is the largest atmospheric pollutant, these facts paint a pretty graphic picture of an easily avoidable destructive element. Our friends at the EPA state that a single average lawnmower running for an hour puts forth as much toxic pollutants as 11 cars being driven for that same hour. This same mower emits 88 lbs. of CO2 and 34 lbs. of other toxic pollutants in a single year. Now multiply that by all of the lawn equipment run every year, especially those that use a gas/oil mix, and you have a fair percentage of filth that is created from an easily avoidable practice.


Beautiful Blue Sky


If you are paying for a lawn service now, by the simple act of electing to retain our high quality, competitively priced alternative you can make a real difference and that sets an example for all your friends and neighbors. You can be a leader in changing this season in your neighborhood from a loud, smelly careless one to a more practical and peaceful time for enjoyment. If you have not used a company to care for your lawn in the past, but are concerned for the environment this is your chance to take action with an inexpensive step in the right direction. We provide 20 plus years of experience in the care of your investment and do so with pride in our product. You can share in this pride by becoming a part of The GreenerWe. Some final chilling statistics on those loud, smelly competitors of ours: 

  • a high use commercial mower can consume as much as 2000 gallons of fuel a year, more than 4 times the gas used by an average 25 mpg auto driving 10,000 miles that same year according to the U.S Department of Energy or how about the fact that 17 million gallons of fuel are spilled each year during the use of gas powered lawn and garden equipment?

This should have you running for the phone to get your free estimate and take advantage of some of the discounts and referral bonuses we offer for new customers that sign contracts for the season or bring their friends along to join our team. Hmmm…..


Noise is pollution too

Take the time and recall what makes a nice summer day for you at your home or out in the world. I’m guessing it’s not the roar of a lawnmower disturbing the peace of your precious few personal enjoyment hours. The average gas lawnmower can be as loud as 106db and potentially damaging to your hearing. Compare that to our machines that are about 75-80 dB, comparable to your vacuum or blender. The noise pollution clearing house states that the average lawnmower can be heard up to a quarter mile away, the equivalent of 100 acres of noise pollution. This is just another cost you avoid by having The GreenerWe care for your lawn.


Beautiful Buffalo


The Future of The GreenerWe

Here we go, this is what we really want to share with you. Our company does not use the term the future of lawn and land care lightly. While currently deriving our electricity from the grid and using traditionally fueled trucks we offer our commitment to you that we are striving to use all renewable sourcing as soon as possible. Additionally, we promise to use sustainable waste disposal wherever possible, but highly recommend the reuse of those materials on your property through the practices of mulch mowing and composting to lighten the load on our already over taxed landfills, visit https://homewarranty.firstam.com/blog/corn-husks-not-just-tamales to get more details on the best composting solutions. We are building a company that will serve as an example for how being sustainable and earth friendly does not mean you have to sacrifice quality or pay more.