Break the Cycle!

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According to the article in Realtor Mag titled “Landscaping that Sells,” “Attractive landscaping is one of the best ways to make a good first impression on prospective buyers and show that a home is loved, and you can get his following these 9 Landscape Lighting Ideas To Amp Up Your Curb Appeal.”  Of course it’s important to love our home, but why not love our planet at the same time?  After all, we need to leave it nice for our children and their children.


Our grass and other outdoor plants, provides us with oxygen needed to breathe, improving our air quality. Then, we go ahead and ruin it all by using gas powered lawn mowers and other equipment to maintain these landscapes. In less than an hour a week, we undo all the good we have done for our planet! Read info at on how to be more environmentally friendly !


Up until a year ago I was naive and thought that running my gas-powered, noisy, smelly lawn mower for just an hour a week wasn’t doing any damage.  Then I educated myself. And suggest you do the same. remember, if you are looking for a reputable tree company, check out these Attleboro Tree Removal Experts.


According to Cathy Milbourn, the spokesperson for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), “Lawn and garden equipment really does add to air pollution.” A Swedish study found that one hour behind a lawn mower is equivalent to a 100 mile car trip.  100 miles!  That’s more than some people drive in a week!  I asked myself how it was possible for cars to emit less pollutants than lawnmowers. Cars are bigger and more powerful right?  I found the reason.  Ever since 1975, the EPA has required that all gasoline powered vehicles come with a catalytic converters that will minimize the amount of emissions.  It does this through a redox reaction that converts the pollutants into other less-harmful chemicals.  Catalytic converters are also found on buses, trucks, motorcycles, locomotives, electrical generators, forklifts, and mining equipment.  So why the HECK don’t lawn mowers have this technology? The simple answer is that it’s not required and who wants to do something they don’t have to do?  I’m a teacher and I have never been handed a project by a student who just felt like handing me in a research paper for the fun of it so I guess it’s the same idea.


The Greener We has taken this one step further and is ahead of all this catalytic converter nonsense because it doesn’t need it. The equipment used by the Greener We doesn’t even need a catalytic converter, because it doesn’t use gasoline to power it in the first place.  I say that’s an even better way to solve the problem.


So, when you look at a beautifully landscaped yard, you can’t help but think about the wonders of nature, the artistic talent that it involves, and how much those plants and grass are helping our air quality.  The funny thing is that in many cases, the very equipment we use to maintain our yards can undo all the good that those plants have done. But really, there is a vicious cycle that is happening when we cut our grass with gas powered equipment.  We have to break the cycle! Make sure to get Southern Palmetto Landscape hardscaping services if you need help with landscaping!


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