About Us



The GreenerWe is an environmentally and socially aware lawn and land care company providing the highest quality service using all electric lawn care equipment and organically sourced supporting materials whenever possible. Focusing on sustainability and informing our clients on the benefits of minimizing the impact of land care maintenance and to facilitate improvements to the property in a socially conscious way. 

What Drives Us

It is clear that the presence of humans and their influence on the environment have had a negative impact on the earth and the quality of life for a great many of us. With that in mind, we desire to do as much as possible with our efforts to both minimize this impact and educate our community in the possibilities of improving the ecology and their quality of life through whatever incremental means we can collectively accomplish.

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Our Passion and Mission

The role of our company and its activities are centered on improving the quality of life for the residents of Buffalo first and in turn have a positive effect on the whole Earth. By the use of less destructive, state of the art, quiet and clean all electric lawn equipment, gentle procedures, material reuse, and intelligent, creative water use and redirection methods.

We will make The GreenerWe an example of sustainable, resilient, and resourceful land care that property owners can be confident and comfortable in retaining for the purposes of improving their property’s value.