Grass Roots



Our grass lawns have roots that trace back to 16th century Europe. Some castles were surrounded by lush vibrant green lawns.  The grounds were clear of trees so the soldiers could see well enough to protect the property and the aristocrats who lived there.  After traveling overseas and seeing these beautiful green gardens, the idea of bringing grass lawns to America grew.  So the U.S Department of Agriculture began researching how to bring grass to America, finding the right blend of seeds that would germinate in our native soil and survive in our climate.


In Colonial America having a lawn at one’s home was a luxury that only the rich could afford. Groundskeepers would scythe and weed the grass, which took a lot of skill and labor.  George Washington and Thomas Jefferson used sheep to maintain their lawns.  The cattle were fed and the lawn was fertilized by their droppings.  This was both a frugal and green method to maintaining the lawn at the time.

gas lawn mower

Then, the first lawnmower was created during the Industrial Revolution by Edwin Budding. These were push mowers, powered by human muscle. It was this invention that made having a lawn an achievable task for the average person.  Frederick Law Olmstead, the “Father of American Landscape design,” made the idea of lawns more widespread.  As families moved away from cities and into the ‘burbs, everybody had a lawn.


Now that everybody has a lawn, we all have to maintain it and most people use gas-powered lawn movers to do this. In the suburbs at any given time in the on a Saturday morning you will hear the humming of at least 5 lawn mowers going at once.  Maybe the sound doesn’t bother you, but the exhaust! As a runner, if I run past a lawnmower, the smell of fresh cut grass, which I love, is overpowered by the exhaust and I choke.  All of this exhaust combined is not good for Mother Nature.  If you believe in Global Warming you will agree with what I am saying.  And every little bit that we can do helps.


Gas powered equipment causes so much air (not to mention noise) buy CBD products I feel like The Greener We is the best option.  The equipment that The Greener We uses incorporates technology that eliminates noise and air pollution, while still ensuring that I have a beautiful lawn.  If my 10 month old is napping and the Greener We shows up at my house to cut the grass, he will not wake up from the noise.  (I usually don’t even know they were there until I look or go outside!)  This mama is happy and Mother Nature is happy.