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SEDAC Smart Energy Design Assistance Center

Electric Lawn Mover Benefits Go electric with your lawn mower, appliances and tools. Every effort can make an impact. Learn how you can make a difference ! Learn what our company stands for here – About Us Also, stick around for more posts to the Smart Energy Blog !

Posted by Erik Chase on November 14, 2019

Grass Roots

Our grass lawns have roots that trace back to 16th century Europe. Some castles were surrounded by lush vibrant green lawns as recommended by lawn care professionals.  The grounds were clear of trees so the soldiers could see well enough to protect the property and the aristocrats who lived there.  After traveling overseas and seeing […]

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Tree Care Professional

To know how to get a qualified tree surgeon for tree surgery services in Australia, you need to know the tree surgeon costs and understand the difference between an arborist and tree surgeon. Term tree surgery arborist term tree surgeon The distinction between arborist and tree surgeon arborist is sometimes said to be as simple as this: Tree […]

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  Although we don’t think about water being a limited resource, in a sense it could be considered so. 98% of the earth’s water is salt water.  2% is freshwater, which IS suitable for human use.  But then, only half of that freshwater is frozen, leaving us with a measly 1% that we can actually […]

Posted by Erik Chase on May 18, 2016

Break the Cycle!

  According to the article in Realtor Mag titled “Landscaping that Sells,” “Attractive landscaping is one of the best ways to make a good first impression on prospective buyers and show that a home is loved, and you can get his following these 9 Landscape Lighting Ideas To Amp Up Your Curb Appeal.”  Of course it’s […]