Posted by Erik Chase on May 27, 2016


  Although we don’t think about water being a limited resource, in a sense it could be considered so. 98% of the earth’s water is salt water.  2% is freshwater, which IS suitable for human use.  But then, only half of that freshwater is frozen, leaving us with a measly 1% that we can actually […]

Posted by Erik Chase on May 18, 2016

Break the Cycle!

  According to the article in Realtor Mag titled “Landscaping that Sells,” “Attractive landscaping is one of the best ways to make a good first impression on prospective buyers and show that a home is loved.”  Of course it’s important to love our home, but why not love our planet at the same time?  After […]

Posted by Erik Chase on May 10, 2016

Grass Roots

  Our grass lawns have roots that trace back to 16th century Europe. Some castles were surrounded by lush vibrant green lawns.  The grounds were clear of trees so the soldiers could see well enough to protect the property and the aristocrats who lived there.  After traveling overseas and seeing these beautiful green gardens, the […]

Posted by Erik Chase on April 7, 2016

Another Day at the Beach

Water, water everywhere….. If you are from Buffalo you don’t need to be told that our natural water resources, the lakes, rivers, streams and ponds that surround us are one of our greatest assets. From Lake Erie to the Niagara River to Hoyt Lake and yes even Scajaquada Creek offer unique places for recreation that […]

Posted by Erik Chase on April 6, 2016

Our Passion and Mission

The role of our company and its activities are centered on improving the quality of life for the residents of Buffalo first and in turn have a positive effect on the whole Earth. We accomplish this by the use of less destructive, state of the art, quiet and clean all electric lawn equipment, gentle procedures, […]

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